January 28, 2017


Final Check:

After the netting has been set up, hang the fence charger under the eave of a building or somewhere where weather won’t affect the unit. Connect insulated, high-voltage wire to the metal connector that hangs down from the rest line post, and connect the other end to the red lead that’s on the fence charger. If there is a lot of traffic in between these connections, it is recommend that you bury the wire underground. Pound the ground rod into the ground near your charger. Connect the galvanized wire to the ground rod using the clamp, and connect it to the black lead on the fence charger. Plug the unit in. If you have a fence tester, test the fence at the furthest point from the charger to make sure you have adequate grounding in the fence. Additional ground rods may be needed in rocky, sandy soils that do not hold moisture well.

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