Shade Haven | Portable Shade Structures for Grazing Livestock

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Shade Haven is a portable shade structure that can be easily moved to throw shade exactly where you need it. Available in multiple sizes for up to 1,200 square feet of shaded area, the Shade Haven protects livestock or poultry from potential heat stress and discomfort. Maximize available land by adding shade anywhere to make more useful and self-sustaining pastures anywhere in the world. 


Financial and Technical support is available for any farm, ranch, and farm-related businesses from a variety of Federal, State and Local agencies and from non-governmental organizations. Chances are good that there are grants or funding available to off-set the purchase of our products. Start your search here to help manage natural resources in a sustainable manner..

Where can I find Agriculture Funding Resources?
NRCS Cost Share Opportunities and Grants
Local and State (NRCS) Natural Resource Conservation Service Offices
USDA Farm Service Agency Conservation Programs and Grants
Sustainable Agriculture Grants
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grants


  • Shade Haven SH1200 Portable Shade Structure | Request a Quote - Gallagher Electric Fence
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