August 07, 2017

Valley Farm Supply | Cattle & Livestock Store | Business Profile

Valley Farm Supply was established in 2004 by Lancaster County local, John “JC” Remsberg, to provide quality farming supplies and equipment. The supply store warehouse is located in New Providence, PA. However, they provide service to professional farmers and hobby farmers throughout the country and internationally. Valley Farm Supply was initially started as a concept through eBay®, but as demand grew, so did the business. Over the years, one thing has been constant – the friendly, knowledgeable service you receive.

They offer a comprehensive website, from their catalog of great quality products to helpful guides, you will find everything you need to make your farm or ranch successful. They offer YouTube videos on how to install fencing for your farm and guides you on which brand or type of equipment is best for your needs. Or if you are still having trouble deciding what you need, you can give them a call at 717-786-0368 or send them an email.

JC’s knowledge regarding farming supplies is unparalleled. Working in the farm industry, before becoming a wholesale dealer, gives JC the advantage that big box farming stores just don’t have.

valley farm supply livestock superstore

JC talked with me about countless stories, where customers have looked to Tractor Supply Company® and other larger stores for help, only to end up dissatisfied. In one case, a customer called looking for fencing to keep bears from getting into his farm. The grade of fencing from Tractor Supply Company® did not hold up to the test. This customer was just starting out his Beekeeping ventures and had 10,000 honey bees. JC was able to get him durable fencing that would work keeping the bears at bay, and sent him videos guiding him on how to install it correctly.

Valley Farm Supply is also one of the largest wholesale dealers for Gallagher® equipment. In addition, they carry many other brands of electric fencing, livestock watering systems and grazing supplies. Being one of the largest dealers in the Northeastern USA, they are able to pass amazing savings on to their customers.

Valley Farm Supply prides itself in quick, reliable service. They have never lost focus on providing the same great customer service that they started with in 2004. If you need help with your farming supplies or would like to learn more, please visit their website today.

Please patronize our business partners and request more information on how they can help you or your business. Valley Farm Supply partners with our store on Lancaster Pike in Quarryville, PAand has been a tenant with Moove In for five years. We value their local businesses as part of our growing community.

If your business or non-profit organization could use additional storage space, you can rent a storage unit online now or contact us for more information. Our knowledgeable property managers will gladly provide you with the best storage solution for your needs.

August 05, 2017

Gallagher Introduces Latest Addition to Livestock Scales

Gallagher Livestock Scales

Gallagher 110 Scales are available through approved Gallagher Dealers nationwide. 

As part of Gallagher’s continuous goal to provide the most innovative systems and tools to help producers manage their livestock, Gallagher recently launched the W110 Entry Level Weigh System for livestock and general purpose weighing.  This is the first weighing system with these capabilities sold for under $1K in North America. 

When raising or showing livestock, the regular weighing of animals is vital to increased productivity and profitability.  Measuring factors such as animal weights is vital not only to improving animal and herd performance, but ensuring the producer’s bottom line as well.  In fact, well informed management decision come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate, as the width of the animal can have significant impact on the breeding performance and health of the animal.

Gallagher’s W110 Livestock Weighing System is an easy to use portable entry-level system with a 3,300 lb. weighing capacity.  The galvanized steel chassis load bars fit most platform sizes and come pre-calibrated to the indicator.  “This system comes with a weigh scale indicator, mounting bracket and load bars,” says Scott Rooney, Gallagher’s Product Specialist. “The unit’s tough construction allows for all weather outdoor usage. In addition to operating on four AA batteries, the plug and play system enables easy portability and convenience, making it very attractive to youth stock show enthusiast as well as FFA and 4H activities.

August 03, 2017

Common Fence and Boundary Questions and Concerns

Missouri's fence and boundary laws continue to raise questions from landowners throughout the state. The following will discuss some common questions related to fences and boundaries.

  1. Does the law allow landowners to clear 10 feet on each side of the boundary fence? Missouri has had the tradition of cleaning out 10 feet on each side to maintain the fence for over 100 years. Unfortunately, it is a tradition and not a law so legally, no, you cannot if the neighbor opposes. It makes good sense to do so since trees and brush may obstruct the fence and either landowner could be held liable by the other for repair of the fence.
  2. Should a new fence automatically be placed on the surveyed line if there is a survey? This is a common misconception and occurs often. If a fence has been in place for 10 years or more, then it becomes the boundary line in all likelihood. It is known as "adverse possession" and is a legal term and court process. A new landowner who had a survey done cannot move the fence to where the survey is, in the case of an existing fence of more than 10 years, without a neighbor's consent. If no fence is in place, then the fence can be placed on the survey line. Alternatives include a mutual agreement among neighbors or including specific wording on both deeds. Joe Koenen, ag business specialist in Putnam County can be contacted for this specific wording.
  3. If livestock is not owned, who is responsible for the boundary fence? The answer depends on the county the land is located. The updated general fence law states landowners who do not own livestock are not legally required to contribute to a boundary fence. Ninety-five counties in Missouri currently have adopted the updated general fence law. Nineteen counties have opted out of the general law and are local option fence law counties. In these counties, if one landowner requires a boundary fence because of the possession of livestock, then the other(s) are legally obligated to contribute and pay for their portion.
  4. Is it a good idea to place a fence inside the property line if an agreement between neighbors cannot be made? A fence needs to be on the property line for several good reasons. First, it serves as the boundary line. Second and more importantly, if the fence is erected ten or twenty feet inside the property line, one may have avoided paying for half of the neighbor's fence in general law counties, but it comes at a potentially high cost. If the fence within the property line stays there for ten years or more and the neighbor utilizes it somehow (pasture, hunt, cut wood) then ownership may change under adverse possession.
  5. If one cannot afford one-half of the fence then who is responsible? The law is very clear as far as who is responsible for building and maintaining a boundary fence. The fact someone does not have the funds currently does not matter. In those cases, one will have to work out something with the neighbor or a lender.
  6. The neighbor wants a woven wire fence, who is responsible for extra fence costs? If one is required to contribute to the fence, the law specifies the contribution of a legal fence depending on the general or option law. One is still required to pay for what one-half of the legal fence cost but anything above that (woven wire, fifteen foot tall fence, etc.) would be the total cost of the neighbor requiring it.

Missouri's fence law is very complicated and can be confusing. It is critical to know the county's fence law. University of Missouri Extension has two guides on the law, guide 811 Missouri's Fencing and Boundary Laws: Frequently Asked Questions ( and guide 810 Missouri's Fencing and Boundary Laws ( Joe Koenen can be contacted for specific questions at 660) 947-2705 or email

Source: Joe Koenen, Ag Business Specialist

August 01, 2017

Gallagher Energizer, Gallagher Live Fence Indicator mail-in rebate offer

Check & Protect Mail-in Rebate Offer

With the purchase of a Gallagher Energizer* AND a Gallagher Live Fence Indicator (G51100) receive a FREE Gallagher Lightning Diverter (G64800) after mail-in rebate. Exclusions apply. 

Offer valid on purchases made between August 1 - September 30, 2017. May not be combined with other offers. Rebates must be postmarked by October 10, 2017 to qualify. Rebate forms and offer details are available at

Offer excludes M10 (G331424) & M30 (G331334) 110v Energizers. Valid on all other Gallagher 110v, Solar, Solar/Battery and Battery Energizers.

Live Fence Indicator G51100

Lightning Diverter G64800

$27.99 VALUE

July 29, 2017

Cattle Prods have other uses...Warding off Stay dogs on a walk

We got a review form a customer who uses his cattle prod to keep his dog safe when he goes for a walk... Great Idea with mean dogs and irresponsible dog owners out there...

"I use my cattle prod to ward off stray dogs or unleash dogs in my community. It works great even on large dogs like Rottweilers and pitbulls who are aggressive. It makes walking my dog more enjoyable."

Stay safe when dealing with bad dogs... 

July 28, 2017

Ritchie Livestock Waterers VS. Concrete troughs


Ritchie Waterer VS. Concrete

One of our largest competitors of Ritchie fountains in feedlots and dairies are the Concrete Waterers.  In order to help explain the value of Ritchie waterers and how they compare to concrete, we have created a helpful flier that you are welcome to use.

concrete vs ritchie

Ritchie Waterers

  • Designed with energy-ef ciency in mind.
    The durable casing features insulation that is fully sealed for long life. Combined with our thermostatically controlled heat, Ritchie waterers create an energy-ef cient environment often recognized by electric companies and local government extension of ces.

  • Corrosion free, fast-re ll valves and oats.

  • The casing is built for tough environments and

    will not pit or crack under long-term usage or

    from animal abuse.

  • Ease of installation is key to Ritchie waterers.

    Our largest waterers are considered light-weight

    yet durable in terms of their size.

  • Several options for winter protection ranging

    from Constant- ow, supplemental heat, or

    overall, built-in heat coverage.

  • Easy to maintain and clean.

  • Large access panel for ease of maintenance and

    access to the waterline and electric service.

  • UL/CUL approved.

  • Best-in-the-industry 10-year warranty, 1-year on parts. Waterers often used well beyond warranty


Concrete Waterer

• Expensive to heat - Even the smallest models can require a 1,000 Watt heater.

• Floats and valves are subject to corrosion
• Concrete is not a exible material which means

that over time they can weaken. This can cause the casing to pit or crack making cleaning dif cult while decreasing the life of the waterer.

• Concrete waterers are extremely heavy making them very expensive to install and remove.

• Warranty often not published

July 27, 2017

Gallagher poly wire and step-in posts for grazing

"Gallagher Poly Wire and step in posts are working great keeping the heifers away from the Bulls. Thanks Valley Farm Supply"

tan ranch uses Gallagher electric fence wire

Thanks for the photo TNA Ranch!

July 11, 2017

Shoes on an electric fence | The NZ shoe fence

 The Shoe fence in New Zealand!

June 24, 2017

Weed control for electric fences

Its now the start of summer. Time to check your electric fences for weed growth.  With the rainfall we have had recently, you may want to consider checking your fences and putting a plan together to control overgrown weeds.

Weeds are simply known as "a plant out of place". Weeds can be a major problem on electric fence that are left un-checked. Weeds and other plants can short the current put out by a fence charger, causing it to over work and having lower than needed current on the fence line.

Todays modern low impedance fence energizers produce more amps to compensate for power losses from shorts in the fence caused by weeds. This means they draw more power from the outlet or battery they are connected too. If you have a solar or battery powered fencer, the battery will go dead quicker as the power consumed is greater than the power replaced. This will lead to your fence not working.

There are a several ways to check your fence and control the power robbing weeds. First, walk you fence line an visually check the fence line. We also like the Gallagher fault finder tool available from Valley Farm Supply. Use it to easily find issues.

If your see a lot of weeds, then more than likely they can be an issue. You can control them chemically or manually. To spray a herbicide, disconnect your energizer, so you don't get. shocked as you spray. Products like Roundup herbicide are safe, non selective herbicides that will kill most species of plants. I recommend 2 oz per gallon of the 41%ai product, or more for lower strength formulations. Read the label the make sure you use it correctly. Other products like Pramitol will keep weeds from sprouting for several years. Make sure you are comfortable using any herbicide first and be aware of grazing restrictions, re-entry periods, streams or run off issues.

weeds on electric fence

Another great way is to control weeds using a string trimmer. It can be much harder, but is the fastest way to correct the problem of over grown plants shorting out your electric fences. Hire a young person to help if you can't get to it yourself. Most string trimmers or weed walkers are cheap and will last you many years.

We hope this helps you think more about maintaining your electric fence. Weed control can improve the power output of your fence charger. This means that your electric fence will do what your needed it for.

June 24, 2017

Finding faults with your spouse | Gallagher Fault Finder


Whereas I understand why the Gallagher fence tester and fault finder finds no faults when I use it on my wife; but why does it say her fences are down when they are not?

Gallagher fault finder for finding faults and problems with your spouse or wife

Here is a great post from our Facebook page