February 08, 2019

Is rotational grazing an option for me?


grazing animals

You can consider grazing as an option whether you are a dairy, beef, stocker, or replacement cattle grower, sheep, goat or equine operation, or any other type of livestock producer. Is there any help to get started on grazing? There are many sources of assistance. Federal and State government assistance and technical help is available for graziers, as well as a strong network be-tween farmers, agencies, and businesses that work together to help grazing grow in Pennsylvania 

Why manage? Many pasture problems such as slow growth, weed inva-sions, and bare ground, are caused by the pasture man-agement methods being used. Good management is the key to healthy, productive pastures that lead to healthy, productive animals. Rotational Systems Livestock systems that rely on continuous grazing are often over and under grazed. When livestock are allowed to graze freely they eat the best forage first. If these plants are not al-lowed time to regrow, they will die and over time the pasture will decline in productivity. Rotational grazing is designed to let forages rest between grazings so that they can grow back more quickly. The more paddocks and the more frequent the rotation, the healthier the pasture. 

solar fence charger 

Managed grazing assistance available from USDA-NRCS Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Environmental Quality Incentives Program ACEP provides financial assistance to eligible partners for EQIP provides technical and financial assistance to ag-purchasing Agricultural Land Easements that protect the ricultural producers in order to address natural resouce agricultural use and conservation values of eligible land. In concerns and deliver environmental benefits through the case of working farms, the program helps farmers keep conservation practices or activities. NRCS will help eligible their land in agriculture. participants develop an EQIP plan of operations and, once implemented, payments will be made. Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) For example: After implementing the NRCS Prescribed CSP is available in selected watersheds throughout Grazing practice, farmers recieve a flat rate payment. This the state. This program rewards good stewards by practice involves creating a grazing plan, with the help of awarding incentive payments on practices that have NRCS, that considers the resources on the farm and the been established and maintained as a part of a con- landowner’s goals and provides the steps to follow the servation plan in previous years.

Conservation Technical Assistance Other grazing practices covered by EQIP:

This FREE assistance does not provide cost sharing for prac- tices, but it does give the famer a great tool for successful • Fencing • Water Well grazing. The NRCS provides technical personnel trained • Watering Facility • Water Control to develop grazing plans, give suggestions, and help pro- • Pipeline Structures ducers with their questions. Grazing land specialists are • Trails and Walkways • Roof Runoff Structures available upon request to the Field Office (FO), while FO • Heavy Use Area • Access Control personnel are available to visit and discuss any questions • Forage Harvest • Livestock Shelter about NRCS programs that you may have. Assistance in- Management Structure cludes stocking rate calculations, seeding recommenda- • Riparian Herbaceous • Prescribed Burning tions, fencing and water system designs, dry matter intake Buffer • Feed Management assessment, and others. For technical assistance, just call, • Riparian Forest Buffer • Forage and Biomass email, or visit any NRCS office! • Stream Crossing Planting • Grassed Waterway • Brush Management • Spring Development • Pumping Plant 

February 06, 2019

Electric Fence Border Security!

border security electric fence trump

Trump knows what will work! Its Gallagher electric fence from Valley Farm Supply!

February 06, 2019

Permanent power fence with high tensile wire

I’m building a permanent power fence with high tensile wire.  Any suggestions?


Don’t over tension the wire. Using high-tensile wire allows for greater line post spacing than conventional wire; usually 50 feet as a minimum. Also, don't over-tighten the wires. Make sure it’s a flexible system that allows for wildlife impacts, snow loading, etc.  If you don’t “over-engineer” the fence, you’ll save lots of money. High Tensile fencing Question | Gallagher Electric Fencing 

January 30, 2019

Lancaster County Graziers is planning their 26th annual grazing conference

Schedule of Events - Surviving Tough Times

Dear Fellow Graziers,
Lancaster County Graziers is planning their 26th annual grazing conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 19 and 20, 2019. Note change in location!New meeting address is 352 Martindale Road, Ephrata, PA 17522.

The 2019 conference theme is “Surviving Tough Times”. This will prove to be a learning and stimulating time, hearing what our speakers are doing to stayprofitable. Our focus on Tuesday the 19th is survivingtough times and the second day on marketing what you produce. One change will be a phone relay system whereby we can update you by phone about meetingsand changes. So make sure when you fill out yourregistration that we have the phone number that you want to be updated on. If you are not coming to this meeting, but want to be on that hotline please make sure you text me with the name and number you want on the hotline updates.

Tuesday registration will be opened at 7:30 so come prepared to learn. Our speaker line up brings a lot of experience to the table. We have two panels planned, one on surviving price downturns and weather challenges and then one on opportunities in direct marketing.

About some of our speakers: Nathan Weaver Canastota, New York (frequent contributor to Graze Magazine) will begin on Tuesday at 9 am by giving us a picture why we are in this down market. Alan Newport farmer, writer and editor of the Beef Producer will give some hands on ideas that will reduce your costs of operating a grass based dairy beef or sheep operation. Max Kane, CEO of “Farm Match” and Edwin Shank from Family cow will share some differing views about pricing and marketing. If grass management and farm marketing potential, moving into tougher times is of interest to you, this will be an opportunity to learn from many years of experience.

John K. Lapp is in charge of the food. To donate or supply food contact him at 717-733-1766. Good opportunity to advertise your food items. Your donations will be greatly appreciated also. The eveningmeal on Tuesday will be finger food. Bring yourfavorite healthy snack like cheese, meat, gluten freecookies and/or healthy drink (kombucha, kefir etc.).

Roman Stoltzfoos, 717-278-1070, Secretary Exhibitors Contact Levi Fisher, 717-405-9438

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

8:00: Registration - Visit with exhibitors.9:00: Nathan Weaver, The big picture in the

milk business,... how can I survive this?

10:00: Break for coffee and snacks. Network and visit with exhibitors.

10:30: Glen Wise, When to reach for the ejection handle. Life after dairy.

11:15: Alvin Peachy, Changing with the challenges we face.

12:00: Organic and gourmet lunch
1:30: Farmer panel
, Nathan Weaver, Alvin

Peachy, John Meulenberg and Levi Fisher

2:30 to 4:00: Panel will be considering your questions.

3:30-4:00: Adjourn, NOTE: Tuesday evening meeting free and open to the public.

5:00: We will enjoy leftovers from lunch and your carry in choices for a light supper.

6:00: Alan Newport, Why grass management is a good way to build soil carbon stores and what that means to the environment.

7:00: Max Kane, Capturing health thru diet and the true value of food.

8:00: Adjourn, good night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

8:45: Alan Newport, Hands on survival tactics, grazing technique, building soil with stock density. Time for questions?

9:30: Break-Enjoy a healthy snack, network, visit with exhibitors

10:15: Edwin Shank, How the family farm grows connection and story.

11:15: Max Kane, “From $200 to $1,000,000, how to get customers to pay the high prices you need to stay in business”

12:00: Organic and gourmet lunch
1:20: Amos Miller,
Marketing nutrient dense

food. Just for the health of it.

1:40: Panel on marketing. Max Kane, Edwin Shank and Amos Miller

3:30: Adjourn, see you next year.

January 30, 2019

Special Deal Available on Gallagher Turbo Wire

January 27, 2019

Best Selling Gallagher Electric Fence Products from Valley Farm Supply

110V ENERGIZERS Product # Retail
Fence Energizer MB2800i G315514 $1,185.99
Fence Energizer MB1000 G301504 $599.99
Fence Energizer M160 G330444 $128.99
Fence Energizer M120 G330434 $97.99
Solar Fence Energizer S20 G341424 $199.99
Solar Fence Energizer S10 G341404 $138.99
B280 12V                                     G366504 $409.99
B180 12V                                    G364504 $349.99
B80 12V                                      G362504 $179.99
Fence Volt/Current Meter & Fault Finder G50905 $112.99
Digital Volt Meter  G503014 $56.99
Cut-off Switch  ORANGE  G60731 $17.99
Live Fence Indicator G51100 $35.99
GROUNDING Product # Retail
Ground Rod 6' Galvanized  A351 $12.49
Complete 3-Ground Rod Kit           A655 $40.99
Insulated Wire Strainer Kit G618034 $7.39
High Strain Insulator Kit G61814 $5.39
Wire Strainer G79504 $3.49
Insulated Wire Strainer G79553 $6.89
In-Line Wire Tightener G64304 $3.29
Strain Insulator   WHITE G67812 $10.99
Porcelain Round Insulator  G674034 $6.39
Porcelain High Strain Insulator G692034 $13.89
HD Tension Spring  A290 $10.99
WOOD POST INSULATORS, Connectors & Clamps Product # Retail
Wood Post Claw Insulator BLACK G67304 $13.49
Wood Post Pinlock Insulator   BLACK G68704 $13.99
Rod Post Scew-On Claw Insulator    WHITE G65514 $14.29
Wood & T Post Pinlock Insulator  BLACK  G681034 $12.89
Wood & T Post Pinlock Insulator   WHITE G681134 $12.89
T Post Wide Jaw Pinlock Insulator     WHITE                                        G682134 $12.89
OFFSETS Product # Retail
12" Offset Wire Mount Pinlock  (ASSEMBLED)   BLACK G659054 $3.99
Multi-Post Pinlock Offset Insulator WHITE G694134 $15.49
HD White Treadin  G636054 $214.50
HD Orange Treadin G63655 $214.50
Double Foot Plastic Treadin G72413 $107.60
HD Pigtail Treadin Post G64245 $52.99
Standard Pigtail Treadin Post G64219 $164.50
Ring Top Post G72315 $219.50
HD Gate Handle  ORANGE  G639304 $6.99
Econo Gate Handle  GREEN                                             G689404 $5.29
Small Gate Handle    WHITE G691104 $2.89
Insulgrip  G606304 $1.69
CABLE & WIRE Product # Retail
Double Insulated Hard Cable 65'  12.5 Gauge   G627014 $31.99
Double Insulated Hard Cable 330'  12.5 Gauge   G627034 $144.99
17 Gauge 250'  AXL17250 $12.69
14 Gauge 1/4 mile  AXL141320 $68.99
14 Gauge 1/2 mile  AXL142640 $134.99
 WIRE, BRAID & TAPE Product # Retail
POLYWIRE COMBO ROLL 1320' + 300' -(2 mm/1/16") G620300 $37.49
656' Polywire White  (2 mm/1/16") G62004 $20.99
2624' Turbo Wire White (2 mm/3/32") G62089 $155.99
1312' Turbo Wire White Combo Roll + 300' (2 mm/3/32") G620564 $94.99
656' Turbo Wire White  (2 mm/3/32") G62054 $54.99
656' 1/2" Polytape White  G62304 $36.99
1312' 1/2" Turbo Tape White  G62356 $119.99
1312' Turbo EquiBraid   WHITE      ( 5mm/3/16")   G62176 $193.99
REELS Product # Retail
Geared Reel G61150 $86.99
Economy Reel G61600 $36.99
W210 Livestock Weigh Scale G012504 $809.99
AG210 Package Smart Scale 210, alleyway loadbars and HD Aluminum platform AG210 $2,379.99
Alleyway Loadbars G06000 $1,218.49
HR5 Hand Held Portable Reader G03303 $2,299.99
Heavy Duty Stock Prod SG240 $69.49
Stock Prod Shaft - 36" SG091 $23.99
MIRACO WATERERS Product # Retail
Lil'Spring Double Sided Livestock Watering Tank A2900 $396.00
Lil'Spring Double Sided Livestock Watering Tank A3100DS $491.00
MiraFount Four Hole Livestock Watering Tank A3354-S $1,060.00
MiraFount Two Hole Livestock Watering Tank A3390 $817.00
MiraFount Two Hole Livestock Watering Tank A3465 $680.00

January 21, 2019

Gallagher & Dodge Ram AgPack Partnership

Purchase a new truck through your Ram Certified Agriculture dealer, and receive great AgPack rebate offer from Gallagher on livestock scales, handheld tag readers and data management software!


Ram AgricultureGallagher is proud to join Ram in recognizing the contribution of farming and ranching families as a Ram AgPack Partner which is being offered to farm and ranch families exclusively through Ram Certified Agriculture Dealers across the United States.

When you buy a new Ram truck, your Certified Agriculture dealer will sign you up for Ram AgPack on the spot. You'll receive an email with a redemption button that gets you a number of great offers on farm and ranch-management tools, including Gallagher scales, electronic identification readers, data collection and data management systems.

From equipment that helps you gain efficiency to predictive analysis software, Ram AgPack adds thousands of dollars of additional real agricultural value to your Ram truck purchase with quality products and services not only from Gallagher, but AgDirect, Agrible, AgroLiquid, Reinke and Rhino Ag.

Gallagher, Vice President, Dan Geller says, “Our objective is to provide producers with the best products, services and profitability for their business. By becoming a Ram AgPack Partner, we have a unique opportunity to partner with other like-minded companies dedicated to equipping producers with the tools they need to continue the legacy of American agriculture.”

Appreciation for agriculture's needs has deep roots with the AgPack Partners, Ram Certified Agriculture Dealers and the Ram brand.

Ram AgPack Program Director, Patrick Driscoll, says, "The Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership program was built with input from educational experts, agriculture experts, family farmers and ranchers so dealerships can offer the industry something more - a partnership that understands them at the core and adjusts to farm and ranch needs at every level, every season, for every reason. We want America's farm and ranch families to know we are their partner. By joining forces with respected companies like Gallagher, we're doing more than selling products. We're all making a difference."

January 13, 2019

Plan now for Deer Hunting Food Plots | Plant and Protect

January 13, 2019

Check out the World Famous Electric Underwear Fence

Gallagher electric under wear fence in New Zealand

Zap! Ouch that electric fence must have had a lot of joules. It looks like it hurt enough to shock off your bra and panties! Watch out ladies, this electric fence is a real zapper! Check out more electric fencing ideas at the Gallagher electric fence superstore from Valley Farm Supply!

November 29, 2018

Holiday Schedule | Valley Farm Supply

We are planning to closed for Inventory and Christmas Vacation from December 15- Dec 31st. We will be taking orders and answering emails but will not be shipping many orders. 

Plan to receive your orders after January 1st.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!