January 02, 2018

Electric Fence in extreme cold weather

Its cold out there! Don't worry your electric fence should be working fine. Here are a few things to remember:

1. If you have deep snow, it will short out the fence.

2. If you have ice build up on the wire, that can short out your fence too if its around the insulators.

electric fence in cold weather


Sometimes, there is not much you can do for your fence in the cold with deep snow, but remember to keep your livestock fed and they should be happy to stay where they are...

Your battery or solar fence chargers can be turned off, to keep them from discharging.. wait till the snow is down and clear before turning them back on.

Have a great winter!!!

December 19, 2017

How much shock should I have in my Electric Fence Charger?

I have a M150 that I ordered end of April 2013 so it's now 4 years old. Have 40 acres of grass so that's about 1.5 miles of single strand fence with a cross fence also so no more than 2 miles of wire. Without fence connected, the unit shows about 5.1 kV. When I hook fence line up to it, goes down to about 3.4 kV and at the end of the wire it's 1.1 , so barely even a shock. We have sand, buy it just snowed and rained 2 inches. 4 galv ground rods in a straight line 10 feet apart apiece. Insulators are on top of wood posts. Is my fencer bad or do I have another issue. Been working on this for several weeks. Calves walk right through the cross fence.

sounds like a grounding issue or a short in the line... fencer should be above 60000 v unhooked. call Gallagher 800-531-5908 for tech service

December 17, 2017

Dogs in my trash | Electric Fence?

Hi Gallagher,

I am looking through your website for a suitable unit to keep my labrador out of my trash can, I love my dog but it is becoming very frustrating having to pick up all my trash all the time and of course she NEVER does it when we are home and watching her and I cannot really relocate my trashcan due to my yards layout I do not want to give her a huge shock that will really really hurt her but definitely something unpleasant . It should only take one or two zaps to train her not to touch the can any more and after that I plan to use the unit to fence my chickens out of my veggies . I was looking at your .11 joule b11 portafence unit I am guessing the higher the joules the unit outputs the stronger the zap the animal experiences?? Is that correct ? 12v and battery is fine as I have solar panels already do you think that unit is the most suitable in terms of a low but still unpleasant shock ?

December 14, 2017

Order your grazing and pasture supplies early!

Get your early order for Gallagher electric fence in before Spring!

gallagher fence

December 14, 2017

Lettue Love Farm and a New Gallagher Electric Fence Energizer

 We finally decided to treat ourselves and splurge on the big boy #gallagher fencer. Because we use #electricnetfencing to keep our birds confined (or more realistically, to keep coyotes and dogs OUT), we upgraded our electric fence charger from an S22 to a B700. The jump in voltage is shocking, if you will 😏 #farmpuns 

The B stands for Battery, because we’ve got this bad boy hooked up to a car battery that we swap out weekly to keep it fully charged. Don’t touch the fence or else!! 😜 #hotfence #electricfence#shocking #farmequipment #pasturedpoultry #pastureraised #pastureraisedeggs #pasturedeggs#farmfresh #sustainablefarming #sustainableagriculture #henhouse #leghorns #chickens #chicken#chickensofinstagram #bluesky #landscape #farmscape Gallagher Electric Fence

Gallagher battery electric fence charger energizer b700

December 11, 2017

Need a DJI Drone for your farm?


Super deals for farm drones here by DJI including the Mavic Pro

Great for filming cattle and livestock that may be lost in a pasture or got out of your fences

November 27, 2017

A Facebook Group about electric fencing advice

Check out the new FACEBOOK help group for electric fence information and ideas.



November 05, 2017

Advice about electric fencing

I am going to make several comments regarding your question because this topic comes up all the time to me. I think this is a good time to explain what is needed in putting in a good hot fencer system whether solar or AC. A solar fencer properly sized for the acres covered or miles of total fence line will equal any AC mains fencer. The main problem with solar fencers that come in a carry out box size, is they lack the joules of output to handle the larger size of field or pasture needed to energize. Small solar panels, and a small battery also contribute to a lot of issues keeping the fencer going on cloudy days as well as colder weather when the battery becomes less efficient. Grounding is the number one issue I have seen in at least 97% of every fix I have done for farmers/ranchers. You need to have at least 3'-4' of ground rod for every joule of output on a fencer. If you have a 5 joule fencer in output joules then you need 15'-20' of total ground rod length in the ground spaced at least 8' apart. Formula is: depth of rod in feet x 1.13 for distance between each ground rod. Use copper ground rods always if possible too along with copper no. 12 or no. 8 bare copper wire. Do not mix galvanized with copper or corrosion will occur on the two being mated. Galvanized does not work well long term in moist soil. It will rust and rust does not conduct well so your resistance of the ground systems goes up, and the efficiency goes down, which decreases joule output of the fencer, and wastes it by putting it back down into the ground system instead of going out on the HOT side of the fencer. Only if it is encapsulated in concrete will it last longer. Copper if properly installed will last up to 40 years with a good quality ground rod. If you are wanting a good rule of thumb for a fencer to operate well, do a 1:1 ratio instead of a 10:1 ratio for miles of fence to be charged. 1 mile to 1 joule output will get you a good hot fence heavily loaded with a good quality fencer. 10 miles to 1 joule, best wishes, won't cut it. Also, a good fence should never have less than 4k volts minimum on it. I like to see 7k or above at all times. A good test to do if you doubt grounding. Take an area where deer are abundant. Put out a small powered fencer with an average ground system and see what happens. Count the days the deer knock off the insulators. Then go buy a good quality fencer with a heavy transformer in it, install a proper ground rod system, and the deer won't touch it. So, with that said, most solar fencers out of the box will not cover much over 2 miles of heavy fencing, because most are under the 3 joule output range. But around say a corn stalk field using 14 ga. wire, with a good hot fencer may work satisfactory up to as much as 120 acres with good wire, but no vegetation. If you see low voltage with a clean fence you normally have 1 of 3 issues, a poorly installed ground rod system, an undersized jouled fencer, or a cheap made fencer with no horsepower, small transformer inside. Some fencer companies such as Gallagher advertise their units in stored joules, so that is not the output rating. Figure about 65-75% stored joule efficiency to get a good feel for actual output joules. So lets take a B300 Gallagher for example, it states 2.6 joules stored energy, so then 1.70-1.95 joule output would be closer to actual range when figuring true net output of energy. In summary, I would not recommend using anything over a 5:1 ratio maximum or you will be disappointed in results, especially in single wire configuration.

October 31, 2017

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October 19, 2017

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