Livestock Weighing and EID System Solution Brochure

Download our Livestock Weighing and EID System Solution Brochure to review whenever and wherever you want.


Gallagher Weigh System provides today's performance conscious farmer with an innovative weighing system that is not only tough and reliable but also very simple to use.

Gallagher's weigh system consists of a set of two weight sensing loadbars and a weight read out indicator. Designed to suit all weighing requirements, 

Why should you weigh your livestock?

Today, leading producers recognize that livestock weighing is an essential component of effective farm and ranch management. Capable and reliable, and yet so simple to use - Gallagher SmartScale provides a weighing solution that contributes to more profitability and takes the hassle out of livestock management.

The regular weighing of live animals is vital to increased productivity and profitability. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

The Gallagher SmartScale range of superior single-animal scales allow producers to:

Weighing Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use RFID tags with my new scale?No, but they can make record keeping much easier, especially for the person who is  having to write down and manually input the records 

What can an scale do for me?A scale can help you collect, file and analyze almost any type of data whether it’s f field, crop, herd or individual animal management.

Can a scale hook up to any loadbars?Yes, gallagher scales are compatible with almost any loadbars on the market today.

Does SmartScale Indicators come with all the software I need for my computer?Yes, a MyScalePro CD is included with a SmartScale indicators which allows  you to download the data to your computer.

What makes gallagher different from the other data collection tools?Two things: 1) you are able to customize your fields of collection to your specific  needs. 2)  Gallagher is made to be easy to use for simplified customized data collection