We are looking for Affiliates. Those are people, bloggers, or web sites that put a link to our store. if someone buys our electric fence, cattle waterers or livestock scales from us, you get a small commission for basically promoting our business and helping us out...  for details, Email Us at: valleyfarmsupply@aol.com

Affiliate Program

Do you have a website, blog, or are you a member of a social network? If so, the Valley Farm Supply Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to quickly earn some extra cash!

How do you earn money from our affiliate program? Simple!

It's as easy as 1.. 2.. 3!

  1. Place a Valley Farm Supply banner or text link on your site, blog or social page.
  2. Connect your visitors to any one of our websites such as valleyfarmsupply.com
  3. Earn up 5% commission on every sale generated from your Valley Farm Supply affiliate links!

Valley Farm Supply Affiliate Program Details:

  • 100% FREE to
  • Competitive Commission Payouts –Earn 5%!
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration - Even if a customer doesn't buy immediately after clicking through, you earn the commission if they come back to order within 30 days.
  • Get paid via check, Pay Pal or direct deposit.
  • Daily, real-time reporting & tracking available.
  • Valley Farm Supply handles the processing, shipping & customer service of all orders, so all you have to worry about is directing traffic & earning easy commissions.
  • Join with us and begin earning commission today!


Essentially affiliate marketing involves a merchant paying a commission to other online entities, known as affiliates, for referring new business to the merchant’s website. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction.

Affiliates can be any manner of site, but generally they tend to be bloggers or other content sites related to the merchant’s industry.

Affiliates work to introduce their visitors to the merchant’s brand. They might write a post about a new product or promotion on the merchant’s site, feature banner ads on their site that drive people to the merchant’s site, or offer visitors a special coupon code. If people come from that affiliate’s site and make a purchase, that affiliate gets paid.