March 08, 2024

How to protect an electric fence against lightning

To install the lightning diverter for your fence controller, follow these steps:
1. For a single wire fence, start by connecting the lightning diverter to the fence wire before mounting it onto the fence post. Remove the top nut from the lightning diverter and take off the washer and nut. Position the lightning diverter against the mounting post, ensuring that the fence wire passes through the split nut at the top of the lightning diverter shield. Tighten the top nut without straining the fence wire. Finally, secure the lightning diverter to the fence post.
2. If you have multiple hot wires on your fence, mount the lightning diverter onto the fence post before connecting the hook up cables (rated to 20,000 volts) to each of the hot wires using line clamps. Unscrew the top nut, pass the hook up wires through the split nut, and tighten to secure them in place.
3. To connect the ground wire, attach the hook up wire to the bottom nut by winding it in a clockwise direction and securing the nut. Then, attach the other end of the hook up wire to the ground system using ground clamps. The diverter ground system should consist of at least two 6-ft. ground rods spaced 10 feet apart and located 50 feet away from the fence controller's ground system.
4. For enhanced protection, it is recommended to install lightning diverters on all corners of the fence. The first lightning diverter should be installed no closer than 50 ft. from the fence controller.
Ensure you follow these steps carefully to properly install the lightning diverter and protect your fence controller from potential lightning damage.

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