October 04, 2016


The Gallagher Weigh Scale W110 is a tough and reliable product designed for use
in typical livestock environments. However, proper care and maintenance can
extend its life.
Listed below are guidelines for keeping the Weigh Scale and Loadbars in good
• Store the Weigh Scale in a cool, dry area when not in use.
• After use, clean the Weigh Scale with a damp cloth. Take care not to scratch
the display.
• Don't submerge loadbars in any liquid, or spray at high-pressure.
• Carefully position the loadbar cables to prevent trapping or crushing.
• Regularly clean the area beneath the loadbars to prevent a build-up of
dirt/manure. The platform should be cleaned after use to prolong life.
• Do not transport loadbars with a weight applied to them. G-forces when
travelling may exceed rated capacity for the loadbar.
• Fit the dust caps provided on the cable connectors to keep the connections
clean and dry.

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