March 28, 2017

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills dairy farm is a electric fence customer of ours.

Please visit the web site of one of our good customers.

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills’ biodynamic raw milk dairy farm is comprised of mixed pasture, hay and arable land. Located 50 minutes outside of Philadelphia, the dairy sits on 250 acres of our 432-acre Kimberton, Pennsylvania farm. Our crew of up to 10 farmers includes villagers, coworkers, and service volunteers, who form a close-knit team working together to meet the needs of the farm and animals.

We have a herd of 40 milk cows, the majority of which are Brown Swiss and Friesian. We also have 40-50 young dairy calves, hiefers and a bull. The dairy farm is organically certified and committed to rotational grazing as a management tool for the health and sustainability of the animals and the land. The cattle are all fed solely on diverse pastures from April through November. They are housed in loafing sheds in winter and fed grass-based silage and during that time they generate precious manure packs for compost.

We sell our milk to Seven Stars Farm, a local organic yogurt maker and provide milk to our own village as well as other nearby Camphill communities. The dairy also hosts a pastured flock of laying hens.
For more information about our dairy, call 610-935-0314.

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