March 10, 2016

Electric turbo tape for horse fencing

Horses can be stubborn creatures and electric fence is an ideal way to keep them safe and sound. There are many options and electric fence wire and tape for containing your valuable horses.

If you choose to use a wide tape be careful that it's not too wide, more than 2 inches for example. Today I went by a horse farm and saw where wide tape really took a beating from the wind and looked bad on the farm.

We sell Gallagher brand horse tape and it works extremely well. The Gallagher brand horse tape is available in half inch or inch and a half sizes. Check here to see our selection from Gallagher.

Electric fencing tape requires you to keep the fence tight. A big plus with electric fence taping for horses is that it's highly visible. The big drawback to electric fence tape for horses is that it will take a pounding from the weather. Wind can really beat up the fence if you don't keep it tight.

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