March 13, 2016

Grass farming supplies | Electric Fence Online Store

Buy here! Grass farming supplies for the modern-day grazing farmer. Are you looking for electric fencing and tools for mob grazing or rotational grazing? Visit our website at and find out more about things you need to make your grass farm operation more efficient and profitable.

Have you tried the Gallagher Tumblewheel system? Tumble wheel's are a great tool for any rotational grazing operation. A tumble wheels rolls across the field while holding electric fence wire inside of the spindle. Tumble wheels are easy to move and a great tool.

Another great tool for any rotational grazing operation is the Gallagher smart fence. The smart fence is a retractable and extendable electric fence system that you set up on your farm. You can make different size paddocks up to 330 feet long. It's easy to put electric fence to it and energize the system. The Gallagher smart fence is available from

Visit our website and learn more about the things you need for your farm or ranch if you're interested in mob grazing, Pasture rotations, or grass farming for your livestock.

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