October 09, 2015

Electric fence fails to prevent tusker terror

Forest Users’ Committee chairman says electric fences have not worked due to the carelessness of local residents


Sep 23, 2015- Electric fencing installed to prevent wild animals’ terror has not been effective at Thori in the district. As a result, terror of wild tuskers, wild boars and deer, among other animals, continues in the area.
Wild animals have been entering human settlements and are destroying the properties and crops though electric fencing was constructed along forest areas connected with the Chitwan National Park (CNP). The fence was constructed from Ward No 9 of Ichhanagar to Ward No 1 of Chautara area. The eight kilometre long fence is run using solar power. Tarai Arc Landscape Programme had provided Rs 570,000 to Nirmal Thori Forest Users’ Committee to build the fence. The programme had also installed a machine to flow current on the wires.
Local Prem Lama said the current used to be flowed on the fence from 8pm to 5am at night. “For a few days, the fenced worked well. Thereafter, wild animals have been entering the settlements,” he said, adding that locals are terrified go near forest areas.
Stating that wild boars and deer destroyed their crops, Lama said wild tuskers are also destroying their houses as well as properties.
Locals said wild tuskers enter the settlement avoiding the fences. Users’ Committee Chairman Hari Prasad Khanal said the fences have not worked properly due to the carelessness of locals. “Even wild animals are destroying the fenced area,” Khanal said, adding that they have submitted a proposal to the CNP demanding refinement and proper management of the electric fence project.

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