November 09, 2013

Buy a new Gallagher Smartfix Fence Tester / Fault Finder for only $99 and receive Free USA Shipping to your door!!


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Buy a new Gallagher Smartfix Fence Tester / Fault Finder for only $99 and receive Free USA Shipping to your door!!

Now is the time to check your electric fence for proper working conditions for winter. The Gallagher Smartfix will be the best tool on your farm this Fall.ORDER YOUR SMARTFIX HERE!
When used as a DVM: can be used to measure voltage on all energizer types, measures up to 15KV; use without earth lead for everyday fence voltage reading (earth lead will give more precise readings, particularly for measuring earth voltage.); retractable probe allows easy access to energizer terminals, cut-out switches and other difficult to reach areas. When used as a Current Meter: large arrows makes for easy fault finding by showing direction of fault; digital display of current (A) makes for easy detection of faults; bar graph indicating voltage while in current meter mode; cordless operation.

Limited Time Offer!

Gallagher Smartfix for only $99 and Free USA Shipping!!!

Simply order from our new improved web site, , or click the link below.ORDER HERE NOW

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