February 24, 2022

Gallagher Energizer Question

We have a Gallagher MR2500 that's been giving great service, but now it is giving a couple of pulses and the (normally green) indicator light flashes yellow/red, yellow/red and no pulse for a few cycles, then a few normal pulses (green light)
it's like it's trying to tell me a fault code?
the remote works, while the light is on green, but not when it is on the red/yellow, and the problem persists even if I disconnect the leadout wire. Have played with the small switches to enable/disable the remote as I thought it may be RFI
At times it will give normal service for several minutes if I turn it off, turn it on again... other times not
Are there any experts on these chargers out there, I assume it has just come to the end of its working life, but would love to have it as a spare.

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