October 04, 2016



The earlier generations of Gallaghers were farmers. And it was a typical farmer’s approach to solving farm problems that helped us lead the world into the electric fencing age. From the 1930’s we developed, on our own family farm, animal control systems to make farm work easier. Today we are known in over 100 countries.

Gallagher Power FenceTM Systems are recognised for decreasing costs and increasing profits for farmers throughout the world. Our economical and practical fencing provides increased efficiency in controlled grazing through subdivision. Increased stocking rates and fodder conservation are the prime contributors to better farm profits and farmers have reaped the benefits of upgrading non electric fences, fencing out wild animals and protecting both stock and pasture.

An Electric fence manual is designed to help you achieve the best possible results from your Gallagher Power FenceTM System. It will help you design your fence system and give suggestions for the fence materials, hardware, accessories, tools and testers you will need. For maximum power with minimum maintenance it is important to follow the principles of fence construction and energizer earthing closely. If you’re not prepared to do it properly, be prepared to accept less than optimum performance.

Thank you for choosing Gallagher - I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with your decision for years to come.

W.M. Gallagher KNZM, MBE. Hon D

Chairman and Chief Executive Gallagher Group Ltd

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