April 13, 2016

Gallagher Solar Electric Fence Charger | Troubleshooting and Fence Testing

Is the Gallagher S17 SOLAR Electric Fence Charger Energizer a good one? First off, you have a really solid fencing unit in the Gallagher S17, there's whole bunch of them out there shocking fence. It sounds like you have everything hooked up and right, the only thing I wonder is what are you using to test the electric fence or the fencer by itself? I would use a digital electric fence tester like a Gallagher DVM3 tester.

If you're just testing it by touching the fence wire, you may not feel a hard shock from doing that depending what you're wearing for shoes. If you have a thick rubber or leather sole on your shoe/boots, then you won't be grounded really well. An animal is standing barefoot, so that's why they get a good shock from it. If you're tough and willing to try this, just brace yourself in case everything is working. Go out to the fence, squat down to a knee, and put the back of your hand on the fence wire. If everything is working and feel a pretty good shock from it, then all is working and it was just your shoes/boots. Don't worry too much about the shock from a Gallagher S17, it's not a real hard hitting fencer, but you'll definitely feel it.

Try this first and let me know if you have any further questions. I don't like getting shock by anything big or small, so I'd look at getting the Gallagher DVM3 digital fence tester.

The S17 has a little red light that flashes about every second or two, that's when it is delivering the shock. It should have a faint tick/click sound when the red light flashes.At night time the unit will flash a little slower around 3 to 5 seconds. It's the night save feature built into the S17 to save on battery. It runs off the Solar panel during the day if the battery is fully charged and kicks the battery in at night or a pretty cloudy day. The night save feature can be disabled, but it would have to be sent here to us because I would have to rework the board a little ($12). It would allow the S17 to flash every second or two at night just as it does during the day.


Vaneeta said:

I have an older Gallager solar S17 but it does not seem to have enough shock to stop my horse. Is there a battery in there that needs to be changed.?


clay poynor said:

have two s-17. neither one works. have installed new batteries on both, but no pulse! is there something else i can change out myself, as far as to replace parts to work. regards,cp. 940-393-3355.

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