April 13, 2016

What do I need for electric fence? | Gallagherelectricfence.com

Here is a question we get asked a lot.... What do I need to buy for my electric fence?

Really? Sorry to say,  we don't know. There are so many variables to the fence that you will need to figure it out. Best thing to do is look at other peoples set up to get an idea of what is needed for your animals and the electric fencing design you need.

Heres a real question we recently got asked: I would like to know how much a 10 acre solar power fence charger would cost and what else I'll need for the fencing thanks.

Check out site for solar powered fencers. we have a great selection of them to choose from. What else is a total mystery to us... Call us if we can help but remember , we don't have all the answers, just the products.

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