March 02, 2016

Valley Farm Supply | The place to buy Electric Fence!

-Did you know that when Valley Farm Supply just started out, we only sold one item?

-An Electric Fence Charger.

-As the years went on we expanded our products and our vision…. How to get what large scale farmers and ranchers require for their operations, as well as what small farms and hobbyists need, at the price they want.

-We are a retailer for farmers by farmers.

-We love agriculture and you will see that passion come out in what we stand for as a business.

-All our orders are picked, packed and shipped by people with a passion for ag.

-We are located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, the #1 ag county east of the Mississippi river.

Electric Fence store

-We have an extensive website to find whatever you’re looking for, or if you chose, you can place an order over the phone.

-We offer a liberal return window, the latest products with competitive price matching, a superior product knowledge base and customer service that is unparalleled.

-So, anything you need, big or small, come visit us at, and get serious about saving on the farm and ranch supplies you need.

Brands of electric fence charger energizer available

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