February 08, 2016



We try very hard to make sure that each shipment we send is packed properly and the right items are sent. Simply call or email us if there are any problems and we will be happy to correct any mistakes. We love our customers and want your repeat business and word of mouth referrals to your friends and family. Here are some suggestions of ideas we would like you to consider.


FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/VALLEYFARMSUPPLY

GOOGLE + at https://www.google.com/+ValleyfarmsupplyNetVFS  

YOUTUBE at http://www.youtube.com/c/ValleyFarmSupply

POST A VIDEO OF YOUR PURCHASE: Consider creating a video about the product you purchased and post it to Youtube or Facebook.. Please mention you purchased it from WWW.VALLEYFARMSUPPLY.COM People love good reviews from customers.

HELP PROMOTE OUR FAMILY BUSINESS: Please consider linking your farm, ranch, or business web site to our web site. Add a link for WWW.VALLEYFARMSUPPLY.COM. Email us and we will link your site back. It helps people find your site and ours in a search.

PROMOTE OUR PRODUCTS AND EARN MONEY: We are looking for Affiliates. Those are people, bloggers, or web sites that put a link to our store from a web site, blog or facebook post. If someone buys from our web site through that link, you will automatically get a 5% commission from each sale for promoting our business and helping us out. Email us for details and the code to add to your site.

Thank you from your friends at Valley Farm Supply                     717-786-0368 or valleyfarmsupply@aol.com

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