January 16, 2016

Selecting the correct energizer | Electric Fence

 The energizer is the heart of the fencing system so select carefully. Gallagher energizers guarantee a high-energy pulse that will effectively control animals even over long distances. They are identified by their stored energy (measured in joules) e.g. M1200 has approx. 12 stored joules, MBX2500 has approx. 25 stored joules.

When choosing an energizer, compare the stored energy figure. Stored energy is the most accurate measure of an energizer’s capability because it is constant and not affected by external conditions like poor earthing. Electric fence systems tend to grow, so purchase an energizer that will power the final fencing system. There is a range of Gallagher energizers (also called units, controllers, chargers or fencers) for all situations.

Mains powered energizers are the best choice where you have reliable mains power. Mains/battery powered energizers like Gallagher SmartPower MBX energizers combine the advantages of mains power with a battery backup. They are a practical choice for providing guaranteed animal control and a must in regions where mains power is unreliable.

Solar powered battery energizers are the logical choice for remote areas where there is no mains power. A solar panel charges a deep cycle battery by converting light directly into electricity. The battery stores this electricity to operate the battery powered energizer. This enables the energizer to operate at night or during periods of low sunlight. The brightness, the amount of light and the size of the solar panel all determine how much electricity is produced. Note: Solar systems require individual designs for different locations. Contact your Gallagher dealer for advice. Portable battery powered energizers are generally operated by a 12 volt rechargeable battery or a 9 volt disposable dry cell battery.

The B11 battery powered strip grazer is designed for single reel systems and can be operated by 6 “D” size batteries or a 12 volt rechargeable battery

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