October 18, 2014

Selecting a fence charger

The energizer is the heart of any electric-fence
system, so select it carefully. A good unit will provide
years of service if it is properly installed and
maintained. Price should not be the determining
factor.Many operators have started with farmstore
specials that ended up crashing.
The cost to purchase two or three
cheap models is as much or more
than the cost of purchasing
a good one
Purchase a lowimpedance
with a minimum 5,000-volt output. It should produce
35-65 pulses per minute with each pulse lasting
not more than 0.0003 seconds. Each pulse also
should have an intensity of less than 300 mAmps.
Seek advice about energizers from experienced
graziers, from sales people and from NRCS personnel.
NRCS employees cannot recommend specific
brands, but they can offer general advice. One
of the best methods is to look at several operations
similar to yours, and find out what those graziers
are using and if they are happy with their units.
Consider the type of livestock to be controlled.
For example, containing sheep, goats or horses may
require special considerations for
charger size and fence construction
to ensure that the animals receive
adequate shocks when they contact
electric fences.
Purchase a larger unit (energizer)
than you think you need
because graziers usually expand
their systems as they realize the benefits of modern
electric fencing. Also increase the size of the
energizer if you anticipate a high weed load near
the fence.
All energizers should come with manuals that
explain installation and operation.

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