October 06, 2014

Selecting the right fence materials

Selecting the right fence materials for the job is the first step in successfully using electric
fence for
grazing management. Properly sizing the energizer and grounding system to the task is critical for
ensuring reliability of the fence to contain livestock. Building a framework of permanent fences
and working with portable fences to fine tune management is often the most cost effective strategy
for small and medium sized grazing operations.

The voltage required to maintain control of livestock varies with the type of livestock in the
pasture. Commonly reported figures for adequate livestock control are: cattle - 1600v; sheep and
hair goats -
2000v; hogs, horses, and meat goats - 1200v. Our experience has been that these values are lower
than what is reliably effective. Maintaining fence line voltage of at least 3000 v will help ensure
animal control in almost all situations.

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