June 17, 2014

Why Gallagher Electric Fence?

Gallagher’s range of gate hardware leads the farm gate market, and for good reason. From day one, the goal has been to continuously meet customers’ needs through a focus on quality, innovation and design.

  • Innovation and Design
    An in-depth understanding of farmers' and contractors' requirements has been paramount in the production of high quality, practical product design. The combined commitment of a full in-house design team, research and development group, and Gallagher territory manager force ensures Gallagher products are on the edge of design.
  • Quality
    Gallagher has a well-deserved reputation for quality products. The use of robotic welding, semi-automated gate bending, hot dip galvanising and no waste thread rolling ensures all Gallagher gate hardware have greater uniformity, superior strength and durability. Gallagher's products are produced completely on site, which also ensures the highest standard of quality is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process.

So when it comes to farm gate systems, insist on Gallagher for:

  • The complete range - designed in association with farmers to meet their special requirements
  • Strength and durability - manufactured to strict design specifications and tolerances
  • Superior practical design - for easy hanging of gates

Please order online 24/7 or call VALLEY FARM SUPPLY at 717-786-0368 between 9:00 AM and 5:00PM, Monday thru Saturday, Eastern Standard Time.

Or email us at sales@valleyfarmsupply.net for help or advice.

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