November 24, 2013

Gallagher Stock Prods are an effective tool for working with cattle

Gallagher Key Account Manager Kevin Marquand says Gallagher Stock Prods have been used successfully in Australia for several years and are often spotted in the hands of transport operators loading stock after livestock sales. "Aussie truckies rave about them, and more and more farmers are using them in cattle yards because they keep stock moving and save valuable time in the yard."


Two models of Gallagher Stock Prods - the SG 150 and the SG 250 - have been launched into the New Zealand market. "With Gallagher Stock Prods performing so well across the ditch, we thought it was time they were offered to New Zealand farmers and truckies."


Used sensibly, Gallagher Stock Prods are an effective tool for working with cattle and a safe and reliable alternative to a big stick. They are also extremely durable. "They can handle getting knocked around better than most other makes, and that's why they have become first choice in Australia."


Kevin says one of the best things about a Stock Prod is that it enables the user to keep some distance between them and the stock. He says the Stock Prod can be used simply as a poker, or, if needed, a squeeze of the trigger will deliver a quick-but-safe electrical 'zap' to get the animal moving in the right direction.


Gallagher Stock Prods are available with three removable shaft lengths - 55, 82 and 107 cm (includes unit) to suit different operating environments. These shafts are built for flexibilty to reduce the risk of damage. While the Gallagher Stock Prod 150 is powered by disposable batteries, the Stock Prod 250 features a rechargable battery and is supplied with a bonus car recharger. "The advantage of the 250 model for stock truck operators is that they can charge the unit while travelling between yards," says Kevin. "If they've got two Stock Prod, they can have one on charge while they are using the other."


The Stock Prod 250 also features a button safety clip and a patented one-piece moulded handle for durability and moisture resistance. Both models are well ballanced and very comfortable to use. They incorporate smart motor technology. a water resistant casing and sealed battery chamber. Their special design also means they can be safely and effectively used on wet animals. Kevin Marquand says Gallagher Stock Prods are available through Gallagher stockist nationwide.



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