November 24, 2013

Gallagher SmartPower MBX System Keeps Chimp Pen Secure

Wellington Zoo has installed a SmartPower MBX electric fence system to make sure there is no monkey business in the chimpanzee enclosure.

Known for their intelligence and almost human-like behaviour, chimpanzees are a popular attraction at the zoo.

Mammal curator Simon Eyre says the zoo’s twelve chimps spend much of their time in an outside enclosure which is about 800-900 square metres in size.

Electric fencing around the top of the enclosure acts as a gentle deterrent to any chimpanzee with plans to travel further a field.

This fencing is powered by Gallagher’s innovative SmartPower MBX system – a highly intelligent mains-powered energizer with a battery backup.

SmartPower monitors voltage levels and sends out an instant alert if voltage levels in the fence vary from the norm. Simon Eyre says the zoo’s system will soon be fitted with an auto-dialler that dials the cell phone numbers of on-duty staff the second any problem is detected.

He says the system gives staff peace of mind because they know the enclosure is protected from breach from both the inside and the outside.

Electric fencing is an important part of modern zoo security and Simon says Wellington Zoo has around a dozen separate electric fence systems - all incorporating Gallagher components.


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