January 27, 2019

Best Selling Gallagher Electric Fence Products from Valley Farm Supply

110V ENERGIZERS Product # Retail
Fence Energizer MB2800i G315514 $1,185.99
Fence Energizer MB1000 G301504 $599.99
Fence Energizer M160 G330444 $128.99
Fence Energizer M120 G330434 $97.99
Solar Fence Energizer S20 G341424 $199.99
Solar Fence Energizer S10 G341404 $138.99
B280 12V                                     G366504 $409.99
B180 12V                                    G364504 $349.99
B80 12V                                      G362504 $179.99
Fence Volt/Current Meter & Fault Finder G50905 $112.99
Digital Volt Meter  G503014 $56.99
Cut-off Switch  ORANGE  G60731 $17.99
Live Fence Indicator G51100 $35.99
GROUNDING Product # Retail
Ground Rod 6' Galvanized  A351 $12.49
Complete 3-Ground Rod Kit           A655 $40.99
Insulated Wire Strainer Kit G618034 $7.39
High Strain Insulator Kit G61814 $5.39
Wire Strainer G79504 $3.49
Insulated Wire Strainer G79553 $6.89
In-Line Wire Tightener G64304 $3.29
Strain Insulator   WHITE G67812 $10.99
Porcelain Round Insulator  G674034 $6.39
Porcelain High Strain Insulator G692034 $13.89
HD Tension Spring  A290 $10.99
WOOD POST INSULATORS, Connectors & Clamps Product # Retail
Wood Post Claw Insulator BLACK G67304 $13.49
Wood Post Pinlock Insulator   BLACK G68704 $13.99
Rod Post Scew-On Claw Insulator    WHITE G65514 $14.29
Wood & T Post Pinlock Insulator  BLACK  G681034 $12.89
Wood & T Post Pinlock Insulator   WHITE G681134 $12.89
T Post Wide Jaw Pinlock Insulator     WHITE                                        G682134 $12.89
OFFSETS Product # Retail
12" Offset Wire Mount Pinlock  (ASSEMBLED)   BLACK G659054 $3.99
Multi-Post Pinlock Offset Insulator WHITE G694134 $15.49
HD White Treadin  G636054 $214.50
HD Orange Treadin G63655 $214.50
Double Foot Plastic Treadin G72413 $107.60
HD Pigtail Treadin Post G64245 $52.99
Standard Pigtail Treadin Post G64219 $164.50
Ring Top Post G72315 $219.50
HD Gate Handle  ORANGE  G639304 $6.99
Econo Gate Handle  GREEN                                             G689404 $5.29
Small Gate Handle    WHITE G691104 $2.89
Insulgrip  G606304 $1.69
CABLE & WIRE Product # Retail
Double Insulated Hard Cable 65'  12.5 Gauge   G627014 $31.99
Double Insulated Hard Cable 330'  12.5 Gauge   G627034 $144.99
17 Gauge 250'  AXL17250 $12.69
14 Gauge 1/4 mile  AXL141320 $68.99
14 Gauge 1/2 mile  AXL142640 $134.99
 WIRE, BRAID & TAPE Product # Retail
POLYWIRE COMBO ROLL 1320' + 300' -(2 mm/1/16") G620300 $37.49
656' Polywire White  (2 mm/1/16") G62004 $20.99
2624' Turbo Wire White (2 mm/3/32") G62089 $155.99
1312' Turbo Wire White Combo Roll + 300' (2 mm/3/32") G620564 $94.99
656' Turbo Wire White  (2 mm/3/32") G62054 $54.99
656' 1/2" Polytape White  G62304 $36.99
1312' 1/2" Turbo Tape White  G62356 $119.99
1312' Turbo EquiBraid   WHITE      ( 5mm/3/16")   G62176 $193.99
REELS Product # Retail
Geared Reel G61150 $86.99
Economy Reel G61600 $36.99
W210 Livestock Weigh Scale G012504 $809.99
AG210 Package Smart Scale 210, alleyway loadbars and HD Aluminum platform AG210 $2,379.99
Alleyway Loadbars G06000 $1,218.49
HR5 Hand Held Portable Reader G03303 $2,299.99
Heavy Duty Stock Prod SG240 $69.49
Stock Prod Shaft - 36" SG091 $23.99
MIRACO WATERERS Product # Retail
Lil'Spring Double Sided Livestock Watering Tank A2900 $396.00
Lil'Spring Double Sided Livestock Watering Tank A3100DS $491.00
MiraFount Four Hole Livestock Watering Tank A3354-S $1,060.00
MiraFount Two Hole Livestock Watering Tank A3390 $817.00
MiraFount Two Hole Livestock Watering Tank A3465 $680.00

January 21, 2019

Gallagher & Dodge Ram AgPack Partnership

Purchase a new truck through your Ram Certified Agriculture dealer, and receive great AgPack rebate offer from Gallagher on livestock scales, handheld tag readers and data management software!


Ram AgricultureGallagher is proud to join Ram in recognizing the contribution of farming and ranching families as a Ram AgPack Partner which is being offered to farm and ranch families exclusively through Ram Certified Agriculture Dealers across the United States.

When you buy a new Ram truck, your Certified Agriculture dealer will sign you up for Ram AgPack on the spot. You'll receive an email with a redemption button that gets you a number of great offers on farm and ranch-management tools, including Gallagher scales, electronic identification readers, data collection and data management systems.

From equipment that helps you gain efficiency to predictive analysis software, Ram AgPack adds thousands of dollars of additional real agricultural value to your Ram truck purchase with quality products and services not only from Gallagher, but AgDirect, Agrible, AgroLiquid, Reinke and Rhino Ag.

Gallagher, Vice President, Dan Geller says, “Our objective is to provide producers with the best products, services and profitability for their business. By becoming a Ram AgPack Partner, we have a unique opportunity to partner with other like-minded companies dedicated to equipping producers with the tools they need to continue the legacy of American agriculture.”

Appreciation for agriculture's needs has deep roots with the AgPack Partners, Ram Certified Agriculture Dealers and the Ram brand.

Ram AgPack Program Director, Patrick Driscoll, says, "The Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership program was built with input from educational experts, agriculture experts, family farmers and ranchers so dealerships can offer the industry something more - a partnership that understands them at the core and adjusts to farm and ranch needs at every level, every season, for every reason. We want America's farm and ranch families to know we are their partner. By joining forces with respected companies like Gallagher, we're doing more than selling products. We're all making a difference."

January 13, 2019

Plan now for Deer Hunting Food Plots | Plant and Protect

January 13, 2019

Check out the World Famous Electric Underwear Fence

Gallagher electric under wear fence in New Zealand

Zap! Ouch that electric fence must have had a lot of joules. It looks like it hurt enough to shock off your bra and panties! Watch out ladies, this electric fence is a real zapper! Check out more electric fencing ideas at the Gallagher electric fence superstore from Valley Farm Supply!

November 29, 2018

Holiday Schedule | Valley Farm Supply

We are planning to closed for Inventory and Christmas Vacation from December 15- Dec 31st. We will be taking orders and answering emails but will not be shipping many orders. 

Plan to receive your orders after January 1st.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

November 29, 2018

Simple way to help speed up set of pasture paddocks for grazing

If you practice M.I.G. (Managing Intensive Grazing) or rotational grazing then you use poly stakes on daily. This video will teach you a simple trick that will save you time in the pasture.

November 19, 2018

Electric fence Installation easy steps to follow



Whether you're trying to keep livestock from roaming off of your property or trying to keep pesky deer out, an electric fence is the ideal solution. When installed properly, an electric fence will generate a mild shock to discourage the animal from venturing through the fence. While installing an electric fence is not an overly difficult job, electricity is involved so extreme care must be taken. Before you attempt to install one on your own, please read this article and check the Tips and Warnings found at the end.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need

  • Electric Fence Controller
  • 10 to 14 Gauge Wire Insulated for 20,000 Volts
  • Grounding System (copper or galvanized rods and brass clamps)
  • Electric Fence Posts
  • Insulation Wrap
  • Post-Hole Digger
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire-strippers
  • Pliers



Step One

Find a weather-resistant location for your electric fence controller. This can be under an overhang or inside your basement or garage. Wherever you decide to place it, make sure that there is an available 120 Volt polarized outlet (an outlet where one blade slot is slightly larger than the other). Install the electric fence controller, but do not plug it in yet.

Step Two

One grounding rod will need to be installed within 20 feet of the electric fence controller. The grounding rod should be at least six feet long (all of it underground) and made from copper or galvanized. Run a grounding wire (10 to 14 Gauge, 600V to 20,000V) from the controller to the grounding rod and use the grounding clamp to secure the wire to the rod. Ensure that the clamp bites through both the wire and the rod.

Step Three

For the best grounding system, install two more grounding rods spaced 10 feet apart and reaching six feet underground. Daisy-chain these rods to the grounding wire as well. Check the Warnings Section below for more information about grounding rods.

Step Four

How you install your fence posts will be determined by how much land you are protecting. If you have a farm or other large parcel of land, then you will want to space your posts between 25 and 75 feet apart. Use the post-hole digger to make the installation quicker and easier. The distance between posts ensures that if something runs into the wire, there will be enough flexibility that it will not cause the connections to break.

Step Five

With the fence posts installed, it is time to install the wiring. Start your wiring with the farthest post from the electric fence controller. Make sure to use proper splices and tight connections throughout. Wrap your connections with insulation wrap to help reduce corrosion.

The common height for an electric fence for horses is 48 inches. With fences this high, it is best to run wires closer together (about six to eight inches apart) near the bottom of the fence to prohibit smaller animals from getting in. The wires from the middle to the top of the fence should be spaced about 10 inches apart. One wire should be set at shoulder height of the animal to be contained.

Step Six

When each post is wired, use an insulated length of 10 to 14 Gauge, 20,000 Volt wire as a jumper to connect each of the rows of wire. For instance, connect a jumper wire from the top wire to the second, from the second to the third and so on.

Step Seven

Now that the fence wires are connected, make your connection from the electric fence controller to the top wire of the electric fence. Once your connections are made, go back and re-check all of your connections along the fence. Do this before applying the power. When you are finished, insert the electric fence controller's plug into the available polarized outlet. There should be a light on the controller that will light up to notify you that the fence is working properly.

Step Eight

Once your installation is complete and the fence is electrified, use a voltmeter to check voltage along the length of the fence to ensure the electric is flowing the entire length.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place "Warning: Electric Fence" signs as often as you need, so from any vantage point one is easily seen
  • Educate family and friends how to safely disconnect the electric fence in the case of an emergency
  • Check your electric fence thoroughly every year for signs of damage, poor connections or poor insulation
  • Avoid installing your electric fence grounding system within 50 feet of any utility grounds, underground telephone lines or water pipes.
  • Do not use standard household electric wire. It is only rated for 600 Volts
  • Avoid using barbed wire
  • Do not add any other pieces of equipment to the circuit dedicated for the electric fence
  • Do not "tie in" any equipment to the electric fence field controller
  • Only fuses rated for 1 Amp/250 Volts should be used for the electric fence
  • Avoid adding a second fence controller on the same fence at the same time
  • Avoid standing near the electric fence during a lightning storm
  • If you are using metal fence posts, ensure that the wire DOES NOT come in contact with the post

Electric fence installation 

November 19, 2018

Grounding system for an Electric Fence Charger / Energizer

Electric Fencing 101: Grounding


“Why are my animals pushing my electric fence? It was working fine in the spring, and the energizer is still clicking.”


Morgan Renner, Wyoming and Montana Territory Manager for Gallagher, one of the largest electric fencing companies in the world, says this may be the most common question he hears. The problem can usually be solved by checking the most overlooked component of electric fencing: how the system is grounded.


He tells his students at the many hands-on clinics he conducts throughout the west, “There are three things to remember about your electric fence: (1) Grounding, (2) Grounding and (3) Grounding!”


Morgan Explains


All energizers provide a pulse of energy that originates from their ‘hot’ terminal then travels down the fence line on a charged or ‘hot’ wire. Most users understand this aspect of electric fencing.  It’s fairly obvious that the hot wires can’t be touching a steel post or laying on the soil surface.  What’s not so obvious is that in the instant when an animal comes into contact with that charged wire, its body contains that energy but is not shocked… yet!  


In order to provide a shock and thus the respect for the fence, the energy must travel out of the animal’s feet, through the soil, into the energizer’s ground rods, then into the energizer’s ground terminal.  At that point, the circuit has been completed, and the animal receives the shock.  What I have described is an “all-hot” electric fence, shown below:

November 14, 2018

Using Temporary Electric Fencing / PolyWire Splicing Trick

Using temporary fencing is a major tool when it comes to rotational grazing. In this video, I take a few minutes to explain some of the basics equipment I use daily for intensive grazing. I also show how I splice poly wire once it's been cut.


November 01, 2018

Gallagher Electric Fence Grazing wire wheel . Easy way to set up a fence

Gallagher Electric Fence Reel | The easy way to roll up poly wire fence in grazing paddocks. Electric Windup System for temporary electric fencing, strip grazing or cell grazing. www.fenceboss.com.au www.munroeng.com