300 Gallagher Ring Top Fence Posts


Gallagher Ring Top Posts (300 Pk) 33.5 Inches Tall



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Gallagher Ring Top posts with a head that will not wear through, a strong footplate that will not bend under pressure and a design that significantly reduces tangling, the Ring Top Post combines more strength with less frustration.



  • ELIMINATE SHORTING AND PREVENT WEARING THROUGH Super tough over-moulded GF nylon head
  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED TANGLING Unique head centred over shaft with no protrusions or trapping points
  • STRONG SHAFT AND SHOCK PREVENTION Long insulation sections strengthen shaft and provide insulation when handling
  • TOUGH, UNBENDABLE FOOT PLATE Over-moulded GF nylon foot design will not bend or deform.
  • EASY TO USE Blade design prevents rotation and eases install in hard ground as well as minimising tangling points. Flat section holds wire/tape down when crossing fence.

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Dimensions:  /  33.5" / 
Product Code: G72315

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