120 Gallagher 47" Insulated Fence Posts & Clips


47" Insulated Line Posts & Clips

120 Posts and 240 Free Fence Clips.





Gallagher Insulated Line Post 

  • 120, 47” Insulated Line Post 
  • 63” Post height including foot
  • FAST AND SIMPLE INSTALL - The composite post can be easily installed with a post driver reducing installation time and the need for heavy equipment. Wires simply clip onto the post, making it significantly faster than stapling or pinning on traditional post insulator systems.
  • Simple, low cost installation - Lightweight, no machinery needed. Only requires a hand-held post driver for installation.
  • Perfectly insulated - UV protected polyethylene cover limits fence faults that often result in a loss of power.
  • LONG LIFE - High quality materials ensure a long life. A UV protected polyethylene cover protects fiberglass from UV damage.
  • Superior animal safety - The strong yet flexible solid fiberglass core enables posts to flex when the fence is impacted, preventing broken or bent posts, and minimizing animal injury.
  • Multiple Configurable Wire Heights - Pre-formed wire attachment locations enable customized fence configurations.
  • Highly durable - Fiberglass rod core with a UV stabilized injection moulded polyethylene outer ensures long life, backed with a 10 year warranty.
  • FLEXIBLE POSTS - The strong yet flexible solid fiberglass core enables the post to flex when the fence is impacted, preventing broken or bent posts, and minimizing livestock injury.
  • STRONG GROUND ANCHORING - The multi-flanged foot design ensures strong ground anchoring, reducing the likelihood of post heave or post mis-alignment over time.
  • 240 Free Clips. Nylon “snap-on” clips form a reliable connection. Typically twice as strong as most conventional wood or t-post post insulator systems.
  • Each bundle of line posts contains 10 posts. Each bag of clips contains 20 clips.
  • Great replacement for Insul timber post
  • Please call or email us for additional bundles of posts and clips. We can add as many posts or clips as needed to your order at this bulk price and you will still get Free Shipping.
  • FREE USA Shipping
  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 
  • Another Valley Farm Supply Exclusive Deal!

Gallagher insulated line posts 47"

Gallagher flexible insulated line posts

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