Gallagher Wireless HD Squeeze Chute Loadbars 11,000lb




*Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 

Eliminate the most common failure point of traditional load bars – the cables. Connect your load bars directly to a Gallagher Weigh Scale* or turn your phone into a weigh scale by connecting to the Animal Performance mobile app (subscription fee applies). *Excludes W-0 Weigh Scale 

Heavy Duty Wireless Load Bars are designed to withstand large shock loads, ideal for weighing the heaviest of livestock in large cattle crushes, suitable for loads up to 11000lbs. With long lasting, reliable lithium battery providing up to 10 years of battery life and internal load cells that are protected, fully waterproof and contain no moving parts, ensuring accurate weights, year after year. with the hardest of impacts and movements. 

 Product length: 39"



No cables needed 

Wireless connectivity removes the nuisance of cables and risk of them being chewed by rodents, stood on by stock or damage to traditional scale connectors.  

Connect wirelessly to a Gallagher Weigh Scale 

Bluetooth connectivity sends weights straight to a Gallagher Weigh Scale* 

*Excludes W-0 Weigh Scale 

Use your phone to collect weights 

Bluetooth connectivity sends weights straight to the Gallagher Animal Performance mobile app, removing the need for a weigh scale 

Animal Performance Plus subscription fee applies. 

Long lasting, reliable lithium battery power 

Up to 10 years of battery life*. When the battery is running low, your weigh scale or Animal Performance mobile app will notify you to order a replacement Wireless Load Bar Module 

*Based on 4 hours of weighing per week. 

Tough, farm ready exterior 

Waterproof, hot-dip galvanised steel chassis construction built to withstand the harshest of farming environments 

Accurate livestock weights, time after time 

Fully sealed, waterproof load cells that contain no moving parts, ensuring no wear over time and providing accurate weights, year after year 

Designed to withstand large shock loads, ideal for weighing livestock in a cattle crush 

Heavy duty load bar chassis and mounting plates suitable for the heaviest of cattle crushes and animals 

Easy to secure and install in your cattle crush 

Protruding load feet with mounting holes extend beyond the load bar frame to easily secure the load bar to the ground and slotted top mounting holes designed to secure the load bar to the cattle crush 

No weigh scale calibration required 

Compatible with the full Gallagher Weigh Scale range without needing to calibrate for accuracy. Also compatible with most other makes and models of weigh scales  

Excludes W-0 Weigh Scale 

Weight: 11,000 lbs
Warranty: 2 years
Product Code: G06335

Why should you weigh your livestock?

Today, leading producers recognize that livestock weighing is an essential component of effective farm and ranch management. Capable and reliable, and yet so simple to use - Gallagher SmartScale provides a weighing solution that contributes to more profitability and takes the hassle out of livestock management.

The regular weighing of live animals is vital to increased productivity and profitability. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

The Gallagher SmartScale range of superior single-animal scales allow producers to:

  • Measure feed conversion by monitoring weight gain over time to maximize yield
    Well-informed management decisions are made for feed rationing to meet target weights by date. Information gained from the fast, accurate capture of body weight measurements from the SmartScale provides for more efficient use of time and resources on the farm and ranch.

  • Monitor animal health
    Accurate measurement of body weight gives critical information about the health of the animal. Changes in body weight can provide an early indication of animal health problems.

  • Confirm animal weights prior to breeding
    The live weight and condition of the animal can have significant impact on the breeding performance.

  • Determine weaning weights
    The future performance of the animal can be directly linked to the weight and maturity of the animal at the time of weaning. Monitoring of animal weight close to weaning with the highly accurate results from a SmartScale provides the most efficient means to maximizing the future returns from animals.

  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
    Sorting by weight for slaughter insures that maximum profits are returned to the grower by accurate selection of animals based on weight.

  • Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection
    Accurately tracking growth rates of progeny over time provides vital information for genetic selection and improvements in breeding performance.

  • Maximize the benefits of having animals fitted with Electronic Ear Tags
    A direct interface between Electronic Ear Tag readers and the SmartScale range of weighscales provides a significant opportunity to improve farm and ranch management practice. Error free identification of animals prevents incomplete or inaccurate records of animal number and weight information. Automatic ear tag scanning and hands free weighing of animals reduces labor requirements at the weighing site. Automated sorting systems result in complete hands free animal handling in the yards.

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