B700 Solar Unit 7 Joule / 80 Miles / 450 Acres

Gallagher B700 Framed Solar Electric Fence Charger

Includes Free Energizer Shipping in the USA + Free Single Light Fence Tester


​​​​​​Clean Fence: 80 miles / 450 acres
Typical Fence: 25 miles / 200 acres
​7 Stored Joules



  • Features one 4--watt solar panel.
  • Designed for livestock, wildlife and predator fences in remote areas.
  • Panels mounted in low profile, aluminum frame.
  • Units mount flat on a solid surface.
  • Battery and pole not included.
  • 7 Joules stored energy.
  • For remote areas with charging facilities, powers up to 80 miles of multi-wire permanent fence.
  • Switch to select high, medium and low power settings.
  • Neon fence indicator light flashes with each pulse at approximately 3kV and above will indicate fence condition, if the fence is overloaded the indicator will either flash intermittently or not at all.
  • Battery consumption: 500 milliamps on 12 volts.
  • Uses a 12 volt deep cycle rechargeable battery - battery not included.
Warranty: 2 years
Product Code: AFR700