810 Livestock Scale Package





Package includes

  • W810 Weigh Scale,
  • Set of 2 Alleyway loadbars and
  • Aluminum platform.
  • 2 year warranty

Today, leading producers recognize that regular livestock weighing is vital to increased productivity and profitability. Quality engineered and designed for the tough farm environment (and simple to use!), the Gallagher G810 Weigh Scale package provides a complete weighing solution with all the options you need.. BEST VALUE
Package product details:
W810 Weigh Scale (G01805)

  •  Large easy to read display
  • Tough shock and waterproof case
  • Simple to use with large rotary selector knob
  • Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage shutdown to protect battery
  • Continue weighing session while charging battery with AC adapter or external battery
  • Plug in different weight capacity Weigh Bars for different applications: 
  • Indicator automatically recognizes Weigh Bars’ capacity and auto calibrates
  • Compatible with most animal weighing Weigh Bars
  • Three weighing modes: 
  • Auto weighing – animal weight locks automatically for fast hands free weighing
  • Manual weighing – operator retains control of weighing cycle by pressing WEIGH key
  • Fine weighing – small load weighing with no zero tracking for greater accuracy
  • Up to nine way drafting: 
  • Draft by weight
  • Draft gate assignment saved for later computer analysis
  • RS232 output drives Auto Drafter gates
  • Draft statistics displayed while weighing
  • Draft by EID number (selected at computer) 
  • RS232 output for sending weight to peripheral devices, such as computers or printers
  • Second screen for statistics display shows number weighed, maximum and minimum individual weights
  • Direct interface to EID reader and automated drafters
  • Memory capacity and weight records for 21,000 animals and 60,000 weight records
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers
  • Enter notes, custom traits and edit data during weighing session: 
  • 15 digit visual tag number assigned against EID tag number
  • 2 digit condition score entered on keypad
  • Hands free entry and storage of EID tags when animals are first scanned
  • Edit records on screen during weighing session
  • Assigns date of every weight
  • Animal notes stored with each weighing record
  • Configure trait table on computer for capturing specific animal attributes while weighing
  • Assign visual tags against EID tag number
  • Choose display screen’s content while weighing: 
  • Statistics screen (standard weighing and drafting stats when drafting) 
  • Daily Average Weight gain and weight gain graphing
  • Carcass weight display
  • Animal record display (displays individual animal data during the weighing session)
  • Duplicate tag warning in current session minimizes incorrect tag number entry
  • Scroll through records in previous weighing sessions on screen
  • Myscale software supplied: 
  • Easy download of records from scale to computer
  • Easy download of sessions from computer to scale
  • Session editor to review saved records
  • View session stats on saved sessions in session editor
  • View trait table attributes from saved session
  • Backlit screens for use in sheds
  • QWERTY keyboard for alphanumeric IDs
  • View results of draft by list session.

Set of 2 Alleyway Loadbars (G06004)
•4,400 lbs. weighing capacity.
•23" steel loadbars.
•Can weigh any size or type of animal up to weight capacity.
•Slotted top mounting holes fit all sizes of platforms and cages.
•18' long, tough polyurethane loadbar cables.
•Moisture-proof connectors.
•Fully water resistant.
•Portable, easy to move and set up.
 Aluminum Platform (G05900)
 •Lightweight, heavy-duty livestock platform.
•Fits 4,400 lbs. alleyway loadbars.
•7 1/2' long, 25" wide.
•Weighs 49 lbs.

  • Please have someone available for freight truck delivery and to sign for the scale system.

Why should you weigh your livestock?

Today, leading producers recognize that livestock weighing is an essential component of effective farm and ranch management. Capable and reliable, and yet so simple to use - Gallagher SmartScale provides a weighing solution that contributes to more profitability and takes the hassle out of livestock management.

The regular weighing of live animals is vital to increased productivity and profitability. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

The Gallagher SmartScale range of superior single-animal scales allow producers to:

  • Measure feed conversion by monitoring weight gain over time to maximize yield
    Well-informed management decisions are made for feed rationing to meet target weights by date. Information gained from the fast, accurate capture of body weight measurements from the SmartScale provides for more efficient use of time and resources on the farm and ranch.

  • Monitor animal health
    Accurate measurement of body weight gives critical information about the health of the animal. Changes in body weight can provide an early indication of animal health problems.

  • Confirm animal weights prior to breeding
    The live weight and condition of the animal can have significant impact on the breeding performance.

  • Determine weaning weights
    The future performance of the animal can be directly linked to the weight and maturity of the animal at the time of weaning. Monitoring of animal weight close to weaning with the highly accurate results from a SmartScale provides the most efficient means to maximizing the future returns from animals.

  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
    Sorting by weight for slaughter insures that maximum profits are returned to the grower by accurate selection of animals based on weight.

  • Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection
    Accurately tracking growth rates of progeny over time provides vital information for genetic selection and improvements in breeding performance.

  • Maximize the benefits of having animals fitted with Electronic Ear Tags
    A direct interface between Electronic Ear Tag readers and the SmartScale range of weighscales provides a significant opportunity to improve farm and ranch management practice. Error free identification of animals prevents incomplete or inaccurate records of animal number and weight information. Automatic ear tag scanning and hands free weighing of animals reduces labor requirements at the weighing site. Automated sorting systems result in complete hands free animal handling in the yards.

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