48"x 164' Commercial Grazier Netting Pos/Neg

Powerfields Positive/Negative Commercial Grazier Netting

At 48” tall and 164’ long, this Positive/Negative Commercial Grazier Electric Fence Netting effectively protects and contains poultry, dogs, pigs, sheep, and goats. 14 horizontal lines with 13 double-spike step-in posts. Semi-rigid vertical stays provide stability and help prevent drooping between posts. To prevent electrical shorting during weed growth, the bottom line is non-conductive. Stainless-steel conductors will not rust. Graduated horizontal spacing from 3” at the bottom to 8" at the top. Orange/green.


Item Specifications:

  • Model # P-NPX
  • Roll measures 48" tall x 164' long
  • 3½" vertical spacing
  • Contains animals including poultry, goats, large dogs and llamas
  • Also helps protect animals from predators
  • Use a Low Impedance Fence charger with a minimum of .25 joules of power per net.  Additional power will provide a more memorable experience for the would-be predator. Always keep fence electrified if erected.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Item Components:

  • 14 horizontal strands with 13 double spikes step-in line posts
  • Repair kit

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