100' X 100' Deer & Wildlife Feeder Fence Kit

Gallagher 100' X 100' Wildlife Fence Kit



This complete fencing system kit includes everything needed to protect a whitetail deer supplemental feeder. Kit can be configured to control raccoons, wild hogs, and domestic livestock while allowing deer full access to feeders.

Kit includes the following items 

  • B100 Solar Energizer
  • 2640ft. TurboWire - white  (Better than standard polywire, poliwire or poli wire)
  • 656ft. ½" TurboTape - white
  • 16 each - 48" x 7/8" fiberglass post with predrilled holes
  • 100 each - Insultimber stay clips
  • 7 each - Small econo gate handle - white
  • 1 each - 33" Ground rod T-handle
  • 7 each - Poly tensioner (XLT8)
  • 1 each - Joint clamp with wingnut (L shape)
  • Tips/instruction sheets for multiple configurations

Wildlife Management

Managing wildlife is difficult, but managing the food supply for wildlife is one of the most critical components to successful wildlife management. Gallagher can help you effectively manage almost any food source, for almost any species during any season of the year!


  • If you are providing supplemental feed using feeders, a Gallagher Feeder Protector Fence can control the unwanted thieves like raccoons, wild hogs and livestock, while allowing only the deer and turkey access to the feeders. All for less than the cost of wire panels!
  • If you are planting supplemental food plots, the use of a Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence will control ALL species until the crop is well established and at its optimum stage; then with a slight modification, the deer and/or turkeys are allowed in and all other critters are kept out. All for 1/4 the cost of a high fence and all portable and reusable for years! 


    Gallagher electric fencing book

    Gallagher Electric Fence Manual Download