Gallagher BR1300 BR Series Controller & Large Antenna

Gallagher BR1300, EID Reader, BR Series Controller & matching large antenna





  • The Gallagher BR1300 comes with the BR Series Controller & matching large antenna.

  • 51” x 23 ½”.
  • BR Series Controller #G03111
  • Large, self-turning antenna #G031424 included
  • Internal memory stores 20,000 tag numbers.
  • HDX and FDX ISO compliant.
  • Counter displays number of animals scanned.
  • Bar graph monitors battery life.
  • One reader runs alternate panels.
  • Internal rechargeable battery runs panel for minimum of 8 hours (battery charger supplied)
  • Reads both full duplex (FDX-B) and half duplex (HDX) electronic tags and is ISO compatible
  • Bluetooth wireless communications to weigh scale
  • Data can be stored into multiple sessions.
  • Wired and wireless synchronization for running multiple readers on site.
  • Patented sealed and seamless antenna panel
  • MyScalePro:  Downloads records from memory, clear records from memory, configure reader set-up, and diagnose environment risks with diagnostic utility.
  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 
Colors: Black
Product Code: G03111+G031424

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